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CareFree Solutions USA was created with one goal in mind... to find and provide the best quality insurance plans for our clients.

With more than 170 agents, CareFree Solutions USA, Inc. is one of the largest broker insurance agencies in the United States.  We are uniquely qualified to offer some of the best insurance products on the market, and we are constantly searching for ways to improve the services we offer. From Health Insurance to Life Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Plans to Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans, we work with our clients to identify their needs and find the plans best suited to fit their needs.

Our philosophy is simple: Treat every client as if he or she is a member of our family. If it's not a good plan for a member of our family, then it's not a good plan for our client.

CFS USA invites you to explore each page on our website to better understand the services and assistance we provide our clients, or simply give us a call. CFS USA welcomes the opportunity to speak with you. 

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Testimonials from our Clients
From Jan K ......Your Agent came to our front door for our appointment. My husband and I have been looking for a new agent. We had 2 agents previously that did not provide what they said they would. Your Agent is different. She and I clicked right away for lots of reasons. She is believable and professional and very knowledgeable. My husband called her a "blessing". He confirmed my thinking as well. She not only knows the science of selling insurance but also the art of relating to people. My husband contacted his insurance company this afternoon to ensure Wanda is his new agent. After careful consideration and excellent information regarding what my best alternates were, I changed from my current plan to a new plan. Now I have the dental benefits that I've never had without a huge amount of cost. Thank you, Wanda, for your graciousness and your helpfulness to Marvin and I. We look forward to a long term relationship with you. God bless you richly and show His favor to you

From Jim J......My wife and I have been with our Agent for several years.  Whenever we have had a question or needed assistance our representative has always been accessible and ready to help.  He takes the time to know about our health issues and conditions, so when open enrollment arrives each fall, I can trust his judgment as to which plans best fits for our needs.  In my book my Agent is the best.

From Jean H......I have had the privilege of working with my Agent. With all of the changes year after year it is impossible to keep up. With his help I have had great success and will continue to work with my Agent. Thank you for all you do.
From Virgil & Dolores A......Several years ago a friend recommended an agent to look after our health insurance needs. That was sage advice, and we followed the suggestion. Our Agent these past years has carefully and adroitly looked after our cares and eased our mind. He is considerate, genuine, calm, and extremely patient in answering our many questions-some that probably do not need to be asked. We are thankful and grateful to have him. 
From Laveda T......My Agent has helped me for many years since I first got my Medicare Card. When I get letters from the insurance company she tells me what they mean. I always feel better after we talk and I'm glad she's someone I can count on. 
From Mama Bear.....Thank you very much for helping my Mom & Dad. You got further than I could ever help them with paperwork and knowing.  I appreciate everything you did and how your answered all the questions. Thanks for being a human instead of a machine just passing paperwork through. I am so grateful for your help.
From Diane A......My Agent has been taking care of my health care needs since I became eligible for Medicare. He has gone the extra mile to serve me every year.  This year was especially concerning and my agent came to my home at 9:30 in the evening to assure me coverage for the upcoming year.  I highly recommend this group of agents.