Ping Lin Mo desert smoke such as woven cold mountain Bi Bi color into the tall tower Some people upstairs Yu jumped empty queue Lijuku bird fly Where is the emergency Cheong pavilion with kiosk
Author: Li Bai 2135934001
Xiao Xiang Yan Qin Dream Qin Qin Qin month on the floor of the House Willow color Zuoling injury do not travel to the original Qing Qing Xianyang ancient soundtrack sound dust silence West Wind residue according to Han Ling Mausoleum
Author: Li Bai Detail Poems
Qiu Feng Ching Ming moon leaves fall together scattered crow crow habitat shock Acacia See where this day at this time embarrassed Into my acacia door know me Acacia bitter Acacia Xi long phase Acacia infinite Extremely early known so stumbling Why the beginning Mo
Author: Li Bai Detail Poems
Xisaishan ago egret flying peach flow mandarin fish fertile green 箬 绿 green 蓑 clothes wind and rain do not need to go
Author: Zhang and Detail Poems
The edge of the grass side of the grass to make military Nanshan North Snow Qingli thousands of miles on the moon, moon cantalou out of worry
Author: Dai Shulun 7347164959
Fans fan fan beauty to cover the face Yu Yan haggard three years who discuss the amount of orchestral tube spring grass Zhaoyang Road Broken
Author: Wang Jian Detail Poems
Hill covered with pink safflower flowering Shuizhilian spring flowered red like decadent flow unlimited like Lennon worry
Author: Liu Yuxi puppyhood
Bamboo sticks Bamboo sticks tears point Acacia bit Chu want to hear Yao complain Xiao Xiang late at night when the moon
Author: Liu Yuxi 902-412-5941
Good scenery in the south of the Yangtze River was once familiar with the sunrise red flowers spring to the river green as blue do not remember Jiangnan
Author: Bai Juyi Detail Poems
Jiangnan good scenery of the old had come to know the sunrise red flowers spring to the river green as blue can not remember Jiangnan Jiangnan most memories is Hangzhou Temple in the midst of Gui Zi Ting Ting look on the tide days more re-visit Jiangnan memories second Wu palace Wu
Author: Bai Juyi Detail Poems
æ±´ flow of Surabaya flow to Guazhou ancient ferry Wushan little sadness hate Yuyou hate to go back to the beginning of the rest of the Ming people leaning floor
Author: Bai Juyi Detail Poems
Spend non-fog non-foggy night half-day to come, such as when the spring dream to go as if there is no looking toward the cloud
Author: Bai Juyi Detail Poems
Excuse me to ask the river tide and the sea what seems to be the king of love and concubine do not like the tide of loyalty Acacia feel the sea is not deep
Author: Bai Juyi Detail Poems
菡 萏 incense with ten ares 陂 girls play lotus late to get the boat bow wet red dress skirt child
Author: Huangfu Song 718-362-1759
Lander off the screen on the dark red banana leisurely dream Jiangnan Mei cooked day and night boat piper rain Xiao Xunyi Station Bridge
Author: Huangfu Song Detail Poems
Fawn strike alone relying on the river house to make thousands of sails are not oblique Wei vein water long leisurely white Ping Island
Author: Wen Tingyun Detail Poems
Hill overlapping Jinming extinct clouds for the degree of incense cheeks snow lazy painted eyebrows make-up grooming lazy according to the flowers before and after the mirror mirror face to face with a new quote embroidery Lo Luo both golden partridge
Author: Wen Tingyun 800-222-0546
Willow long peach leaf small deep courtyard no one to the red day light green smoke Ying Liu Ying twilight Xue Tan thick dizzy less pillow on the bedside flower good spring heavy makeup late Chi Yui dream
Author: Yan few road Detail Poems
Honglou night scandal melancholy incense coil half-volume tassel account when the moon out Beauty and tears pipa Jin Cui feather on the Yellow Warbler advised me to return home early Green Window like flowers
Author: Wei Zhuang 9086926144
Everyone said Jiangnan good tourists only to the South Spring Water Pitt paint boat to listen to sleep on the edge of people like Moonlight Hao Rui cream frost not old Mo returned home to be broken heartbroken
Author: Wei Zhuang Detail Poems
Advise Jun tonight to be intoxicated with respect to the real words of the Ming Dynasty before the heart of the owner of the wine deep affectionate love also deep sad spring missed the gold cup filled with wine and Hehe life can geometry
Author: Wei Zhuang Detail Poems
April 17 last year, today when you do not want to tear the mouth low femininity semi-frowning I do not know the soul has been lost without a dream in addition to the days of no one knows
Author: Wei Zhuang 7734521655
Last night, half a pillow on a clear dream for a long time still peach face low frequency Liu Mei half-shame also half-eager to go and Yiyi feel to know is too sad
Author: Wei Zhuang Detail Poems