See how you can save money and the planet at the same time.

taxis are essential

While we have new and modern ways of getting rides to places, the good old Taxi cannot be replaced, at least not yet.

Single passengers

Haven't we all seen passengers just landed from the airport taking Taxis to the city....alone? Why not share? Sharing is caring....right?

Why not share

Why not share the ride? Why not share the fare and our green planet? Why not make friends while we ride together....

Taxi share is here

In this crazy, busy world lets try to make a difference in small steps and put together, it will make a difference.

About Us

We are a small group of friends who would like to give back to the world with small steps like Taxishare.

What do we want to achieve

A greener, cleaner, sensible world

We have seen queues for Taxis...everywhere. When we land in an airport and want to go home, from concerts, bars....we see people in line to take Taxis. You know for a fact that there are plenty of people who probably go where you want to go, but there is no way to know how. When you want to go to the airport, you know there are other people from your city taking the same flight, some might even be from your own neighborhood, what if there was a way to get in touch with them. Wouldn't it be great? woudn't it be wonderful? Share a ride, have a chat, make a friend, reduce your carbon footprint and all this while spending half, a third or even a quarter of what you would normally pay !!
Its a no brainer, right? Its the logical thing to do, right? Well, here it is, we developed this app for you. We do not save your details, we do not sell it, we do not use it..hell, we don't even store any of your information. We do not ask you to pay for the services.
All we ask from you is to think before you spend. Sharing is caring.....care for the world and if you save money while you are at it. Even better !!
While most of our millionaires and billionaires are taking their chauffeured Limousines and private jets, we, the common people, we the real world need to take care of our planet......and our budget, right? Lets make a difference together. Share.....for a cleaner, greener world.

What We aspire

A green clean eco friendly world with less carbon footprint from everyone

What we offer in exchange? Money, friendship. Money that your save sharing your ride while you make new friends.


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Customer Says

"What a simple yet great idea !! Why hasn't anyone else done this before??!!"

- Our very first trial voluneteer

" Fantastico !! I hope people use it, such a nice way to help save the planet"


" Well done guys. Hope this catches up"


The Team

Techies with a passion to make a difference.

Rao Raghavendra

In vino veritas

Massimo franzoni

Chi lavora mangia

Suhas Karkada

Carambaaa !!!!


cavabanga !!


Your safety is paramount. Although, there should not be any danger since you are in a Taxi. It is still important to be prudent. Unfortunately, we cannot trust everyone in this world. There are always bad eggs in the basket...watchout !! Be prudent in giving away your details. Take precaution as you would elsewhere. Enjoy the nice company and the reduced share and the fact that the world is ever so slightly better because of you.

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How do you share your fare

Sharing the fare should normally be a simple process:

  • You split in half

  • The first one to get off pays half of the fare before getting off

  • If you need to take a detour, then decide beforehand what your share would be

Remember, this is really not all about money. It is about a better world. You just saved the world from getting that little more polluted. You had a nice company during your ride.


Taxishare is a free app.

Taxishare does not take any responsibilities for accidents or incidents that might transpire during the journey

Taxishare does not take any responsibility for any share related disputes. The sharing amounts need to be discussed and agreed upon before the journey begins


We are based in Belgium, do visit.....and don't forget to share your Taxi from the airport