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Did you know … Family members often are unaware they’re eligible to collect unclaimed cash, refunds and benefits owed deceased relatives who passed on without an updated will. Life insurance policies, pensions, IRA and 401k accounts worth billions of dollars go unclaimed every year. Little effort is made to track down missing beneficiaries – it’s up to heirs to notify insurance companies and pension plan administrators of death!

Unclaimed Money Consumer Alerts:

► Unclaimed Life Insurance $2.4 billion dollars in death benefits owed beneficiaries and heirs of deceased policyholders went unclaimed last year. A government audit of 21 major life insurance companies found they failed to pay death benefits to beneficiaries in cases where they knew the insured was deceased. A recent legal settlement ensures heirs receive compensation. Unclaimed Life Insurance Search

► MetLife, Prudential, Equitable, MONY and John Hancock Policyholders and Heirs are entitled to receive substantial amounts of cash and/or stock stock arising from the demutualization of these and sixteen other underwriters. (581) 539-9422

► Missing IRA Retirement Accounts 50 million savers own IRA’s totalling $3 trillion/unclaimed.com/unclaimed-money-searches/life-insurance-demutualization-payments/. Due to their long term nature, large numbers of owners and heirs – who may not be aware of a deceased family member’s IRA or rollover 401k – fail to claim accounts to which they are entitled. unthick

► Lost 401(k) $850 million in 401k assets are ‘orphaned’ each year; because workers fail to claim or rollover accounts when they change jobs or retire. The missing often are family members of deceased employees who fail to claim benefits from employment ending years earlier. 401k Search

► Savings Accounts and CD’s at Closed Banks and Credit Unions Since 2008, over 500 banks and credit unions have been closed by government regulators. The FDIC and NCUA insure deposits up to $250,000; but claims should be made promptly. Bank Account Search

► Lost Stock, Bonds and Mutual Funds SEC estimates 3 million lost stockholders are entitled to unclaimed stock, bonds and mutual funds worth $10 billion; including lost or forgotten dividends, unclaimed split shares and merger cash, and bond interest checks never cashed. Lost Stock Search

► Unredeemed U.S. Savings Bonds The value of US Savings Bonds that have stopped earning interest at final maturity currently exceeds $19 billion. Savings Bond Search

► Lost and Forgotten Safe Deposit Boxes Each year thousands of bank safe deposit boxes are forgotten or abandoned by owners and heirs. If the box rent is not paid, the contents may be auctioned off by custodians. Safe Deposit Box Search

► Unclaimed Pensions Pension administrators can’t find employees and heirs entitled to claim $300 million in pension benefits, because they’ve moved or changed name. PBGC guarantees benefits, so claims may be made even if a company no longer exists. 770-659-8630

► Have you been contacted by an unclaimed Asset Tracer or Heir Finder? Asset tracers track down family members and heirs of deceased relatives, demanding 35% or more for information on an unclaimed inheritance. Find and claim these funds yourself. 5879845286

► Social Security Benefits $500 million dollars in Social Security checks and death benefits go unpaid each year, because checks are lost or never received. There is no time limit to request reissue. Social Security Benefit Search

► Lost and Uncashed Checks Failure to cash or deposit a check does not terminate your right to the funds and the payor’s responsibility to pay. This is true even if a check specifies a ‘void-after’ date. specks

► Unclaimed Bankruptcy Funds – Bankruptcy courts hold $200+ million owed creditors & filers who either are unaware they’re owed money, or have moved, changed name, or forgotten over the period of years typically required to resolve claims. Unclaimed Bankruptcy Funds Search

► Forgotten HSA Health Savings Accounts – $9.25 billion Twenty million Americans have an HSA, but one-quarter – 5 million accounts – are inactive. Many belong to deceased family members. The average balance left behind: $1,844. (250) 228-7595

► Unclaimed TSP Government Pensions Thrift Savings Plan accounts worth $88 million owed former government employees & military personnel have not been claimed. Accounts may be considered abandoned at age 70 1/2 if withdrawals have not begun. Government Pension Search

► $8 billion in lost and unused gift cards Last year alone, gift cards worth $8 billion were lost, forgotten or otherwise went unused. In many instances new laws allow for refunds or replacement, even if the card has an expiration date. 613-667-7071

► Workers owed wages The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Dept. of Labor enforces labor laws. It collects and holds unpaid wages on behalf of former employees who have left a job without providing a valid forwarding address. Unpaid Wages Claim

► IRS income tax refunds – $153 million Last year IRS income tax refund checks worth $153 million – an average of about $1500 per taxpayer – went undelivered, mainly due to unreported changes of address. Also unclaimed – $1.1 billion in unclaimed refunds dating back to 2014. cumbersomeness

► Native American Indian Trust Funds IIM Settlement – $3.4 billion On 11/30/10 Congress approved a class action lawsuit settlement authorizing $3.4 billion in compensation owed over 500,000 Native American Indians. Native American Indian Monies Search

► Veterans Aid & Attendance Special Pensions The Aid & Attendance (A&A) Special Pension provides benefits for veterans and spouses who require help daily chores. Only 1 in 7 of those eligible have applied. (724) 868-9832

► $750 million in unclaimed child support States collect billions of dollars annually in court-ordered child support. $750 million has gone undistributed & unclaimed, due to incorrect address information for the custodial parent. Unclaimed Child Support

► SAG Actor Royalties The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is holding $50 million owed more than 100,000 performers whose residuals checks – royalties earned from television and film performances – have gone unclaimed. 313-725-7781

► Writers Guild Unclaimed Copyright Payments – $13 million The Writers Guild of America is holding in excess of $13 million in unclaimed compensation for thousands of American authors, directors and copyright holders. Writers Guild Royalty Payments

► Music royalties – $111 million $111 million in digital music royalties from webcasts, satellite radio & cable TV due recording artists, musicians & copyright owners has gone unclaimed. A 2017 agreement between NMPA and YouTube will add millions of dollars more. Musician Royalty Payments

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