One of the most important components of the STIMEY project is the development and future work related to the STIMEY Robot. With properly worked stages of design and planification, using

The robots era

In the last few years, due to the progress of microelectronics and artificial intelligence, mixed with high home connectivity, a big advance happened in both quantity and quality of robotics



Once first images and sound era ended, the radio reclaimed itself again. A very particular case, in which STIMEY puts great efforts and interest, is the radio for young people. Although

The new age of the radio

The world of communication is growing and growing without rest, and although it has a classic origin, the radio is not behind it. Nowadays, two different tendencies are growing in

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In a more dynamic and challenging world than ever before, we find that the main powers spend even more economical and social resources in the efficient use of science and



In the last few years, there has been a huge rise in the amount of homework that primary schools assign to their students. This, associated to the great diversity of

Gaming in teams

In the social network era, and particularly in the videogames era, it is not only important to make progress in your favorite games, but also necessary to communicate your merits

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mud pie

Some of the most famous videogames of recent years allowed the users themselves to create their own environment. And in part, it was because of the lack of ideas when

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STIMEY Information Day in Cadiz

Are you interested in science, technology and mathematics? Would you like to redefine the old concept of learning and bring it to the present with the most up-to-date technologies? If


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Hochschule Emden/Leer welcomes you on 10 June 2017 for a day out with STIMEY (Science, Technology, Innovation, Math, Engineering for the Young). At the STIMEY festival, you’ll get the chance

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